The Silver Suitcase Airstream

The Silver Suitcase Airstream

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This is my favorite Jack O'Lantern so far!

Melvyn's Ingleside Inn to Change Ownership?

I heard a rumor- the folks behind new successful enterprises Birba and Alcazar have purchased Melvyn's Ingleside Inn...lots of changes this Fall in Palm Springs.  I really am excited about this lovely place (Greta Garbo stayed here when her film Camille premiered at the nearby movie theater that is now the location of the Palm Springs Follies).  Another great place to stay!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gratuitous Patio Photo

Just because I am in love with the whole thing.  Thanks to James Butchart for the photo!

Desert Happenings: The Purple Room

I am very excited that a longtime favorite, The Purple Room at Club Trinidad has reopened!  Our friends, The Gand Band will be playing there often.  I was a little nervous that the new owners might have gotten carried away with renovations, but it's still quirky, dark, and full of interesting characters- and now they have FOOD!  Loved the sloppy joe sliders as well as the liver pate!  Photographer Lani Garfield was there and caught this nice image of Liz and Frank Malinka at our table. 

New Escrow! 2133 Berne

I do sell real estate, too!  Maybe I mentioned that before?  Looking forward to closing this deal at 2133 Berne, Palm Springs.  It was listed at $599,000, and will close on November 7.  Do you know what that means?  More trailer toys!

New Wheels: 1968 Honda 50 Cub

I've heard that getting in and out of The Happy Traveler RV Park can be quite an ordeal during season.  I am nipping that in the bud- I bought a 1968 Honda Cub  (Tuxedo!) with less than 40 kilometers on the clock from new.  I found it at a killer garage sale that former clients of mine Samantha and Chad had in El Rancho Vista Estates about two weeks ago.  I sold them their Wexler-designed house about two years ago.  Garage sales rock in Palm Springs!

Open House! Open House!

I do sell houses, too, you know!  I have to pay for all these fancy trailer things somehow.

I am holding an open house Sunday, November 3 from 1-3PM.  The address is 2390 Trail Circle, Palm Springs-  have a look at the full listing here.

Don't Fence Me In

Here's the finished fence.  Jacob had to come back to do the sloping fence as I'd added it on the day he installed the side fence.  Now to rearrange all the patio furniture at The Silver Suitcase.

The Happy Traveler: Trailer Park Living

You see the most interesting combinations in rigs come through The Happy Traveler.  This converted bus was towing a late 70s/early 80s Mercedes 240.  I was seriously in love with these as a kid in the early 80s.  The neighbors next door have a Volkswagen fetish:  A Karmann-Ghia and a Microbus!

Airstream Sighting: Napa

Dim Sum Charlie's in Napa has one!  Thanks for the tip, Jan! 

New Airstream Interior Photos! Woot! Woot!

Well, I finally had the interior photographed for the upcoming (November 2013) issue of Desert Outlook Magazine.  James Butchart spent a lot of time on these photos, I think they look great!

Click here to see more!

Upcoming Desert Outlook Magazine

I was interviewed about a week ago for the upcoming November 2013 issue of Desert Outlook Magazine, which is published by The Desert Sun (the Palm Springs newspaper).  I am looking forward to the release party on November 6 at Tropicale at 5:30PM.  Stop in if you'd like to say hi!

Planning a Great Big Trip!

A little Blub from The Paul Kaplan Group (I am a real estate agent with him).  The Silver Suitcase and I are going to do some bigger projects this year!

Exciting stuff going on at The Paul Kaplan Group, Inc. including our new real estate/bookstore kiosk at the The Saguaro Palm Springs - a Joie de Vivre hotel, a mobile office in Joshua Tree, a new coffee table book we're writing, plus planing our spring Airstream Real Estate Tour to the Pacific Northwest with Matthew Reader's house!

Season is Almost Here!

I was terribly excited to see that they'd taken down the iron fence around the shuffleboard courts at The Happy Traveler.  It's been so long since I played- I might need a refresher on the rules.  Simultaneously, lots more RVs have started to appear at the park.

Airstreams in Orbit

My family in Ohio (Hi Mom, Dad and Susie, Morgan, too!) sent me two strings of patio lanterns that are shaped like Airstream Trailers.  They look like they are silver satellites strung up outside! They really make the patio look finished!

My cabinet guy, Jacob came to install my fence.  A fence that keeps me from seeing right out my bedroom window into the sewer line of my neighbor at The Happy Traveler RV Park.  It was only going to be down one side, but I got carried away and had him create a 90 degree fence with a downward-angled slope on one side.  It's really made a huge difference in how private the patio feels.

Airstream Sighting!

What a great pairing- The new Aston-Martin Vanquish Volante and Airstreams!  My friends keep sharing these great Airstream photos with me.  Anyone know the story on this one?

Desert Happenings: Lucid Stead, Joshua Tree

We were recently treated to a wonderful high desert art installation- Lucid Stead.  Artist Phillip K. Smith III installed a series of changing lights in a circa 1950's squatters shack in remote Joshua Tree.  The result was breathtaking!

Building a Campfire, The Civilized Way.

Step one for cooking in an Airstream (click on the photo to link to video on my facebook page)

The Great Outdoors

Well, the patio is taking shape.  I plan to add in a fence at the back (it's on the to-do list.  I put a battery-powered LED light in my Tonka Winnebago (my Great-Grandparents gave me this one for Christmas in 1975).  I hate the dumb yellow pouf/ottoman, but it's holding space and pretty functional.  The 1960s Brown Jordan lounge chairs are staying, trying to decide on what to upholster the vintage chaise lounges in...

The Big Reveal

I threw a party to introduce Palm Springs to The Silver Suitcase (my Airstream trailer).  It was mostly completed by Labor Day weekend, and I moved in the Monday after the party.  To check out the party photos (this is what we do in a trailer park) click HERE.

Thanks to David Lee for photographs, Design 849 for staging the lounge area (via Bill Nicholson, Travis Smith, and Brian Wolbaum), and to Bar for providing the great sliders!

Nancy Baron Pays The Silver Suitcase a Visit

Photographer Nancy Baron stopped in to check out progress at the Airstream and I sat for a portrait on my new sofa.  Pretty colorful, right?  Some of the photos that she's taken will be part of her new book project 'Palm Springs: The Good Life.'  Love the photo, Nancy!

Sofa! Sofa! Sofa!

The sofa/gaucho was re-installed after a long absence from the Airstream.  It went in about 30 minutes after the flooring guys had completed their job.  Alf's Blinds and Draperies did all the upholstery work.  The final choice was a Pindler Sunbrella fabric in a green tone that matches the green in the vintage Marimekko window coverings.  The drawer beneath the sofa is massive, and the sofa back flips around to become a full sleeper.I had the cushion corners slightly squared off to not look terribly terribly 1980's.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Totes in love with these sconces from the Vintage Lighting section of Rejuvenation Lighting and Hardware.  They really don't look like they have ever been used!  Love love love the gold tone!

I Could Tow With This!

I sure wouldn't mind towing my Airstream with one of these di-noc paneled Suburbans.  The hunt is on for the right vehicle to tow The Silver Suitcase...