The Silver Suitcase Airstream

The Silver Suitcase Airstream

Friday, August 9, 2013

Doesn't It Get Hot In There?

Well, let's see.  It's the Desert.  It's in Palm Springs. It's Summer.  It's 110 degrees outside.  The trailer is aluminum.

In all fairness, the Airstream does have a lot of insulation.  Remember, these were built for use in cold weather, too.  It has a separate furnace, even!  I am attaching a factory photo with all of the wonderful insulation that keeps the cool air inside.  Unfortunately, you need to have an air conditioning unit that works well, even when desert temperatures reach 120 or more.

My AC unit was the original one that was installed in 1988.  It worked.  It worked really well for something that is 25 years old.  It was noisy, and drew a lot of amps, and kept flipping the breaker on hot days.  So, a new one was ordered and delivered and installed by Crandall's Mobile RV Service, located right in the Happy Traveler Park in Palm Springs.  I have since started calling him the building super- they're great at fixing all the little things.  The AC unit was about $800 to install.  It works a lot better, much cooler, and WAY quieter.

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