The Silver Suitcase Airstream

The Silver Suitcase Airstream

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Upholstery, Lights, and Wastewater Tanks

Padded Lower Wall in Green Sunbrella w original table legs

Rear Sleeping Berth Overhead Cabinets

Midcentury Pendant Light over Dinette

Living Room Sofa Arm/Wall Padding

Full Grey Water Tank
Things are moving very swiftly now- the lower upholstered walls were installed- more sound insulation, and when the sleeper sofa in use, these function as a headboard.  They were finished in a green Sunbrella fabric that matches the green in the Marimekko fabric of draperies.  The sofa arms were installed, but the sofa can't be put in until the flooring gets installed (next Wednesday, HOORAY!).

Crandall's RV service has been putting in the lighting upgrades- the cabinets above the bed are going to have a dimmer switch for the surface mount vintage lights from Rejuvenation.  I also realized last night in the blinding glare of undercabinet halogen lights from my kitchen that I will also need a dimmer there.

The Pendant light from etsy looks fantastic over the dinette table- I just need a hook to pull the cord to one side while the light is in use.

Lastly, was over at the Airstream this morning, and noticed about 3-4 inches of water in the shower stall- I texted Crandall's and they said my greywater tanks probably needed to be emptied- I washed dished for the first time last night, and I guess I filled the tank- oops!


  1. Your style is groovy! Love it! That pendant is to die for!

  2. Hey! Re: filling your grey water tank w dishwater: we added a dishwasher to our Airstream. It takes up no more room than a microwave and uses only a gallon and a half of water to wash a full load! Love your blog! Katie Schulz-Ditchen