The Silver Suitcase Airstream

The Silver Suitcase Airstream

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm Beginning to See the Light

I'm on the home stretch.  Little odds and ends are getting finished.  My lighting is starting to be installed.  The Airstream originally came with plastic surface mounted lights that were ok, but didn't have a nice quality to the light (they were small incandescent bulbs that were from the 80's).  I decided to add some vintage lighting, suitable for an Airstream in Palm Springs.

From the top: Cone-shaped sconces from Rejuvenation.  If you haven't visited their website, it's a fantastic array of reproduction lighting; these happen to be salvage lights that they polish up and rewire.  Their vintage lighting section is kind of breathtaking.  These sconces are going to be mounted on the walls in the living room, for reading lights.

Next are these cool drum-shaped surface mounted lights with perforations- they'll make the bedroom look 'starry' when they're lit up.  They are going to be mounted under the tambor door cabinet at the aft end of the trailer.  They also were sourced from the vintage section at Rejuvenation Lighting and House Parts.

The fabulous gold-toned pendant light came from Midcentury4U, an Etsy Seller in London.  I love that the ringed circle applique hides a reveal that lights the circles from behind.  It will be on a hook above the dinette table on a cord that will allow it to be taken down when the table is not in use.

The last photo shows the halogen undercabinet lights over my kitchen counter.  I am also having an LED rope light installed along the window soffit over the kitchen.

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