The Silver Suitcase Airstream

The Silver Suitcase Airstream

Friday, August 9, 2013

Gifts? Yes, I LOVE Gifts!

Please find attached photographs of gifts suitable for that special someone who is moving into a trailer home.

It's a lot of fun getting presents in the mail; it's even more fun when they are technically presents for your great big honking Airstream.  From the top:  A Weber Grill (old-school charcoal) from Paul Kaplan (of The Paul Kaplan Group that I work for), and a great midcentury cone-shaped ashtray from a real estate client; four teak-handled spoons from my mom to round out a set that I am collecting; Pink Flamingos from my dad and his wife; a book on starting my own trailer haven from my friend Liz; and a string of Airstream lights for my awning, from my sister.

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